Speaking Engagements, Interviews, & WorkshopsJu


[June 2021] Coming soon - My book release!
- Courage to Connect...and Disconnect: How Bravery Training Can Enrich Your Personal and Professional Life.


January 2021
- KM Expert Panel, Beginning Your Knowledge Management Journey, by Dr. Cindy J. Young


December 2020

-Interviewed for Work 3.0: The Vision for Post Pandemic Work, and Part II, Leadership 3.0, by Dr.Ludmila Praslova, Professor, Vanguard University of Southern California

October 2020

- Interview with LivePro, Knowledge Management Solutions

September 2020

- Podcast, Create Your Calm Through Uncertainty, Senior's Care Matters

August 2020

- Toronto Rotary Club Skyline.

April 2020: 

-The Change Leadership

October 2019:

-Laurentian Mountains - Canadian Positive Psychology Retreat "Second Wave Positive Psychology"=


September 2019:
-Toronto - Royal Bank of Canada (for a Centre of Excellence) 

-Toronto - TD Bank (Two Town Halls - 80 people) 
-Toronto - Toronto Police Services 911 Responders (175 people)

May 2019: 

- Geneva  - Invited to be Keynote Speaker & Learn-shop Facilitator for Ethical Business Building the

May 2017 - October 2018:
- Toronto - Featured Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, and Executive Coach for the Oracle Women's Leadership Group (Canada)